Dear Minister Gutwein MP, Minister for Local Government,

It’s about time Local Government reform started in Tasmania otherwise it would appear to be a waste of over $2.5Million a year funding the Local Government Division.

There is far too much criminal activity (alleged) going on in a certain Council that everyone is turning a blind eye on including a certain Mayor interfering in a certain Tasmania Police investigation regarding one of his best mates who has been on Council with him for over 20+ year’s.

Nice to see Mr Paul Lennon driving around in his brand new Jaguar in one of the State’s most disadvantaged and poverty ridden Communities within the Brighton Municipality.

When will this matter be referred by you as the Minister for Local Government to the Integrity Commission for an Open/Public Inquiry? Regarding the use of tax-payer’s and public monies’?. So far over $20Million+ of Tasmanian tax-payer’s monies has been allocated and spent by the Integrity Commission with not one (1) Open/Public Inquiry ever held.

Yours sincerely,

Damien Matcham