Greens spokesperson for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, is calling on all parliamentarians to read the two studies released today on the current and future fate of Antarctica with global warming, and put our local and international response to climate change at the top of the nation’s priorities for the sake of us all.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “Antarctica is melting three times faster than it was just five years ago and we now know that if we don’t act to reduce emissions immediately then we are locking in the collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet and irreversible rising seas for the next thousand years.

“If we don’t reverse the rising trend of emissions at this moment in time, then our generation condemns each future generation over the coming centuries to immense harm.

“I wish I could understand how politicians in this country are unwilling to face the reality of what inaction on global warming looks like. Only leaders suffering from political sociopathy could turn a blind eye to the future of runaway climate change and not move heaven and earth to rapidly transition to a zero emission future.

“It’s utter bullshit that we can’t afford to end fossil fuel use in this country. Labor and Liberal are engaged in an arms race to offer over a hundred billion in income tax cuts, while the existential crisis of climate change is pushed off to the side as niche issue.

“Rather than engaging in developing economy-wide policies to reduce emissions, this government has been trying to prop-up ancient and unreliable coal power plants, ignoring massive increases in land clearing and trying to spend billions to open up new coal mines and boost coal exports,” he concluded.