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  1. Yes we wouldn’t want to stop cable logging on the steep foothills of Ben Lomond would we? 

    Let’s put our head in the sand (silt?) until that’s all done.

    Of course the pulp mill and its use of South Esk water (26 billion litres) and need for native forest in North east catchments won’t exacerbate the problem at all.

    Posted by David Mohr  on  25/05/06  at  12:46 AM
  2. The Tamar “barrage” proposal required a diversion canal to be constructed from the North esk through the back of Mowbray. 

    Did this proposed canal utilise land that had been ear-marked for the mythical Ring Road? 

    Have LCC alderman rolled-over and decided to “go with the flow” on the pulp mill? 

    The barrage proposal was not costed - this was an orchestrated attempt by vested interests to poo-poo the idea so council can move onto the real task of of building the Pulp Mill highway (Ring Road). 

    I smell a rat.

    Posted by River rat  on  25/05/06  at  11:17 AM
  3. Thankyou so much for this.

    I’m not sure why, but I was under the impression that since I left (early 1996) things had gotten better. Obviously not.

    As a kid I used to sail near where that photo was taken - we used to have to wade through mud to get out from the shore - breaks my heart to see that it wasn’t always like that.

    What an asset the river *could* be, if we looked after it.

    Posted by Meg  on  26/05/06  at  02:08 AM
  4. Where can one find a copy of Professor Jones’ work on the Tamar Basin? 

    Google wasn’t much help, nor the LCC website.

    Posted by Disinterested  on  27/05/06  at  02:30 AM
  5. Dear Disinterested @ the number of the beast.  It usually takes 2-3 years for academic studies to make it to publication in a scientific journal (the peer review process).

    In the interim I suggest you “google” The University of Wollongong where he works and ask him directly. 

    The LCC certainly have copies - but you will probably have to go downstairs to the basement where you may find a copy on public display in the disused UTRIA tiolet behind the sign that says “beware of the tiger”.

    Dont forget the secret old boy hand shake.

    Posted by Interested  on  27/05/06  at  10:43 AM
  6. If I may be forgiven for stating the obvious, that is until such time the residents of Launceston demand a responsible Council be put in place the controversy in regard to the constant turmoil over these costly and in most cases extrordinary dicissions that just keep occuring, most of which have turned sour at the expense of the ratepayer.

    With only around 17% of Launceston residents voting at the recent local election, is it any wonder that the incumbents holding office at the present time have been given a comfortable ride making up what might be referred to as a Clayton’s council. This body must be made responsible for its own costly mistakes and forgo the secrecy used in the effort to hide their seemingly never ending shortcomings, especially in regard to special benifits to members only department.

    A system of pay the sheriff and win the prize has become entrenched in this city, and while ably backed by the local press, (The watchdog of Launceston) this further exposes just how wide the spiders web of secret dealings and ineptitude has become, an underworld if you like to service personal interests alone.

    It doesn’t need a lot of time to see how the benifits have been flowing, and after taking most of these latest controversial issues into account, they come back to this one major point and is certainly long overdue for thorough investigation, it is only then that true understanding of this continual turmoil and controversy will be revealed and finally put to rest.

    It is ironic that State Parliment is to sit in Launceston at great expense showing that they still won’t stand up for anything of substance in the northern city.

                The Observer, Launceston.

    Posted by The Observer.  on  09/06/06  at  02:00 AM
  7. Launceston in parts is below sea level according to recent publicity in the local press on reported advice from the LCC’s staff.

    Well only when the tide comes in twice a day so that is only a few hours each day and some days it happens only once in the day. That is a small blessing for all those without web feet.

    By the way, one of the designated flood levee study group considers that Holland “has no experience with floods” really! And none of the L’ton councillors corrected this notion. Why? Dumb!

    Nice to read that I’m not the only one who doubts that the Tamar silt comes up from Bass Strait but while most of the experts and their political mates put forward this misconception a solution to the problem of the Tamar will never be addressed. First you need a recognition of the realities before any solution can be attempted.

    A suggestion. Each day at high tide the town joker in suitable attire stand on the old Gorge bridge and toss off $50 notes. Not at low tide though as someone might get stuck in the mud trying to recover the notes. This would be a great tourist attraction and be much cheaper than wasting money on dredging mud from the Tamar.

    Actually the issue goes very deep and serious and is an example of how people think in Tas. They will fix it (well eventually) so why should I worry.

    On the quality of the council, recently when by chance was at the council meeting an objector to the Gorge ‘taj mahal’ was voicing dissatisfaction with the councillors. I said you voted for them and the response was ‘I never vote at council elections’. My unstated reaction was “then don’t complain about what you get.”


    Posted by Bazza  on  28/06/06  at  01:04 PM
  8. Well we are all getting that nice warm feeling that the LCC is at last getting on with the new flood protection levee system so that all the children in Inveresk and Invermay can sleep soundly in their bed at night knowing that the council has solved the problem of flooding in their suburbs. What nothings happened? But they have all that money surely some of its spent by now; No? But where is it hidden then under the Town Hall in the vault? At least it should keep dry there.
    Has the water been stopped from bubbling up from the pavement in Forster Street? No. But sur- ely that would not be too difficult to fix and is an urgent matter; Its had lots of publicity. Imagine how the water will gush from this site some 150 meters from the river when the Tamar is in full flood. Very spectacular.

    I also see that the North Esk river is being reduced by the current pile driving operation opposite the Sea Port. This will reduce the river system’s capacity to handle a flood when ever the next big one arrives. If the river is 10% smaller then the flood waters must be at least 10% higher. Simple stuff folks but please don’t ask the LCC to explain. It is easy to see that there will be reclaimed land on the newly protected river bank next to the North esk Rowing Club. A developers delight and a revenue raiser for the council. Gee its all starting to make sense.

    But what about the levees that are lower than required, no action there. Who’s concerned that the most urgent matters are not being addressed, no one actually. the money is in and we can take another 10-20 years to spend it like all the money that was supposed to have been spent on maintenance. Can’t see where its gone.


    Posted by wombat  on  16/08/07  at  04:15 PM





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