Spirit, Word and World

Paul Arnott
22.01.13 6:25 am


Spirit, Word and World is the title of Dr Stuart Piggin’s newly released History of Evangelical History in Australia.

Dr Stuart Piggin’s study of Australian Christianity from an evangelical perspective, which covers the period 1788 to 2011, provides fascinating insights into the nature of Australian evangelicalism and its impact on Australia as a nation.

The final chapter of Spirit, Word and World assesses the contribution made by evangelicals to Australia from 1993 to 2011 and critiques the impact of Sydney Anglicanism during that time.

Dr Piggin, the director of the centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience at Macquarie University and head of the Australian College of Theology Christian Thought department, suggests that in this period, ‘Sydney Anglicanism not only defended its hold over its own diocese, but strengthened its influence in other dioceses, in other Protestant denominations, and overseas both within and beyond the Anglican Communion.’

The professor of History at Sterling University, Dr David Bebbington writes that this new edition ‘brings the story up to date, covering the enormously significant developments of recent years,’ while Dr Rhys Bezzant from Ridley Melbourne asks, ‘Who would have thought that the defence of vital piety in the modern secular world could be presented as such a ripping yarn?’

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