New book shares how to lose weight without losing your mind

Finch Publishing. First published October 6
10.10.17 5:50 am


The world is full of fitness and diet advice, yet unless you are a professional sportsperson or fitness model, most of this advice is either unachievable or unstainable. Writer and psychologist Michele Connolly however, shares how to lose weight without losing your mind, in the new book ‘How to be Thin in a World of Chocolate’.

Michele Connolly knows what it is like to deprive yourself of the food you love, and feel guilty every time you indulge. She’s been there and done that. She knows how you can be distracted from the pleasure of dinner with loved ones because you’re obsessed with what you should and shouldn’t eat. She knows what it is like to feel constantly unhappy in your clothes, in and out of them. Most of all she knows that feeling miserable about your weight is like a constant shadow over your life.

How to be Thin in a World of Chocolate (Finch Publishing $19.95) shares tips to lose weight while at the same time keep, or even increase, your sense of pleasure in life. Not to mention your sanity. Using simple and practical strategies Connolly helps you work out ways you can enjoy your treats, make exercise happen without thinking, avoid self-sabotage and focus your mind on the job at hand without rigorous discipline and willpower. This is the ultimate

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