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Stuart Barry

Get ahead financially AND live an ethical life.

The Rich Greenie is a unique combination of financial strategies for a better quality of life and techniques to lower an individual’s impact on the planet. It tells the reader how to create real change, both personal and universal, and how to get rich doing it.

“Consumers can exercise real power, arguably much more effectively than protesting or voting, through using their money to change the world,” said author Stuart Barry.

“ These techniques can have significant personal financial and happiness benefits, so are a win-win for both the planet and personal outcomes,” he said, adding that his goal “is to make a contribution to solving the problems facing the planet”.

This book occupies a unique space, bridging personal money management with green living.

It provides clear tools, in accessible language for a general audience to grow wealth while still saving the planet and it includes successful case studies. It contains practical advice on how to make beneficial financial change for you and your family.

The book is aimed at general readership and especially at those of us who choose to live a life that is both wiser for ourselves – and for this unique green planet.

Stuart Barry walks the talk. He is a lifetime environmentalist and philanthropist and an experienced and professional financial advisor. He has worked internationally in global financial markets and is one of the few financial advisors around Australia to be certified by the Responsible Investing Association of Australasia for his ethical expertise. He is the owner of Tas Ethical, a successful Tasmanian business specialising in ethical and green investments.

He is a sought after public speaker and President of the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Treasurer for the South Hobart Sustainable Community, Board member for disability employer Tas Tex and also a Commissioner on the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission.

The Rich Greenie is his first book.

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