Funny things books! Some of us like some of them, some of the time. But There be dragons might be an exception. It fits into a lot of categories and will appeal to lots of people….in fact, anyone who’s ever been a child.

Not a children’s book; don’t even let them near it, or they’ll get ideas, and learn very uncool things about their parents they don’t need to know.

Prepare to be dropped right back into childhood, especially if you’re ‘a certain age’. Heather Donaldson offers a palpable essence of childhood that works, no matter what your generation.

But they’re personal stories too. And they’ll make you laugh out loud. She writes in a simple child’s voice with an adult commenting over her shoulder.

Doesn’t matter that you lived somewhere else and your friends had different names; you’ll recognize them – the Danny Crawfords of this world are like universal archetypes!

It’s a social history too.  Backyard incinerators, dad plucking the rooster for Christmas, or groups of kids going off to play in the park don’t exist much anymore, but were the stuff of endless adventures, not to say misadventures.

Don’t miss this one; buy a stack of them, and you’ll have pretty much sorted your Christmas shopping.

There be dragons $14.95
Author: Heather Donaldson
Self published
Available at bookstores or

Heather’s well known for having started the Power of Humour groups in Tasmania a few years back, and she’s written a number of other books:

• Stop Suicide
• Grow Old Disgracefully
• Gambling: Know When To Walk Away
• When Someone You Loves Has Cancer
• Drugs – High Hopes and Sudden Silences

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