Kim McCosker, the inspiring author of the four ingredient cook books and more, has been inspired again, this time by her role as fur mum to a dog, guinea pig and goldfish, to write a cook book that provides easy, nutritious and importantly economical meals for pets.

Kim’s new book, ‘Pet Cookbook’, boasts over 60 recipes for a variety of animals including, dogs, birds and guinea pigs.

As well as recipes, the book is also filled with informative facts about our animal friends and includes a reflection on ‘pecking order’ which tells us a lot about the intelligence of hens who display commitment to a hierarchy or pecking order in the farmyard as they access their food!

Another little known fact is that guinea pigs are lack vitamin C so must obtain the vitamin from food such as capsicum which due to its sweetness can even be labelled   capsicum candy!

The recipes themselves have names that make you smile like mutt-loaf and watermelon pup-sicles, the latter which literally make both humans and dogs salivate!

Some of the economical tips discussed in the book include using chicken breasts and oats, which are easily available to almost everyone, to create chicken jerky an inexpensive alternative to shop brought beef jerky.

Kim says the great thing about preparing your pets food is you know exactly what ingredients are included, so if there is an adverse reaction the culprit can be easily cornered.

Allergies are not the only challenge for pets, even more worrying are toxic foods. These include raisins, chocolate, onions and cooked chicken, the latter because it is prone to splintering.

Important to remember too, is the fact that the teeth of pets like dogs and guinea pigs never stop growing and so need to chew products like bones to file those teeth down. Kim also recommends for the complete teeth cleaning process, parsley to freshen pet’s’ breath.

Oh, and there will be a lot more inspiring pet food preparation ahead for Kim as she tells me she is soon to become a grandparent to her pregnant guinea pig.

Kim McCosker’s ‘Pet Cookbook’ is out now published by Simon & Schuster.