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Date & Time: 15th June, 2017 ~ 5:30 pm
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Ruth Sharkey announces publication of ‘Makara’s Mission’

WOODBRIDGE, Australia — Contemplating why an ascended master would return to Earth where his
teachings were misinterpreted, Ruth Sharkey wrote “Makara’s Mission” (published by Balboa Press) to delve
into the challenges such a man would face.

Incorporating myths, beliefs and traditions alongside modern political intrigue, religious abuse, medical
malpractice and ecological damage to the planet, the book tells the story of how Makara Sharman, an
ascended master, returns to Earth to right wrongs of the past, restore the ancient wisdom and continue the
battle against the dark forces controlling those in power – all the while hiding his identity from everyone,
even his own children.

“‘Makara’s Mission’…, it’s an unravelling, an unveiling of hidden truths – intertwined with modern
challenges,” Sharkey says. “I’m hoping it will give them a desire to search for more, to seek the truth in all
matters and take control of their own lives, rather than following the flock.”

“Makara’s Mission”

By Ruth Sharkey
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 494 pages | ISBN 9781504375412
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 494 pages | ISBN 9781504375399
E-Book | 494 pages | ISBN 9781504375405
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About the Author

Ruth Sharkey is a natural therapist, author, teacher and artist, with deep seated spiritual
and philosophical beliefs. She lives with her husband Dennis in Tasmania, Australia. The
couple has four adult children, 10 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Sharkey
has published several titles, including: “The Mysterious Powers in Man and Plants,”
“Healing the Bodies” “Rebels with a Cause: Living with A.D.D.,” “Safe Nourishment,”
“Natural Conception: Mother Nature’s Help for Infertile Couples (2nd Ed.),” “Fertile
Fathers,” “Ruth Sharkey’s Guide to Natural Conception,” “Herbs That Will Help,” “Food
Additives: What Not to Buy,” “Basic Aroma, Colour, Gem and Crystal Healing” and
“Medical Drugs & Their Side Effects.”

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