I chatted recently to author Fleur McDonald about her new book ‘Sapphire Falls’. Like her previous book ‘Indigo Storm’ this one too, features Fleurs signature strong female character.

Nowadays Fleur, formerly a farmer, is a full time writer on a two book a year contract who does one day a week as a secretary at the local show. Fleur tells me she does miss farming. In her writing however, she gets a chance to create the rural life.

As well as showcasing strong female characters Fleur’s books are not conventional romances because Fleur “gets sick of the necessity of a romantic ending” instead her main protagonist in ‘Sapphire Falls’ is a woman who has recently lost her husband, pregnant and not seeking a new relationship.

An added dimension to this book, again, just like ‘Indigo Storm’ is a mystery to solve, in this case one ranging from bumps in the night to more dangerous situations.

Fleur tells me she never has trouble in finding ideas for her books but she is not particularly keen on extending a book to a sequel. In fact the one exception to that was her book ‘Silver Clouds’.

One feature that always has a sequel in Fleur’s writing, appearing in all of her books, is her championing of the strength of female friendships helped along, of course by a wine!

‘Sapphire Falls’ is out now published by Allen and Unwin.