Country Rock-y Roads Taking Them Home and Away

Paula Xiberras
12.08.17 7:05 am


The Wolfe Brothers ‘Let’s hit the road - Australian tour’, starts next month and runs through to next year, actually June next year!, this might seem quite a challenge for most but not so for The Wolfe Brothers, as Tom tells me when we caught up again this week, they ‘never get tired of touring’ in fact, Tom says they are enjoying the process more than ever owing to their growing maturity and experience.

Recent touring has seen the guys in Birdsville, The Simpson Desert and back home for Tom at his Tassie farm, the latter which keeps him grounded, pardon the pun. There is something authentic about working on the farm, finishing the fencing and for some down time catching up with the same mates you have had all your life. The farm will no doubt be always part of the brothers lives, as will Tasmania but so too will be their second home in Nashville, where they are feeling ‘more and more comfortable and creative’  and ‘its great friendships, easy people and opportunities’ that became open to them due to their five year ago fairy tale success.

Recently returning from Nashville after writing songs for their fourth album has seen the guys declare they believe they are doing their best song writing work ever , as their song writing skills evolve some things stay the same and that includes touring with Lee Kernaghan’s band, a collaboration that moves into the new year as they continue to celebrate Lee’s 25th anniversary.

The Wolfe Brothers own tour will canvass new material which they are keen to get fan feedback on ,as well as revisiting the hits.

You can see The Wolfe Brothers at the following times and venues:

Friday 1st September 2017 | 8pm
The Cinema, BURNIE TAS
The Wolfe Brothers, Brett Collidge & Straalen

Saturday 2nd September 2017 | 8pm
Hotel Tasmania, LAUNCESTON TAS
The Wolfe Brothers & Straalen

Saturday 23rd September | 8pm
Queenstown Memorial Hall, QUEENSTOWN TA
The Wolfe Brothers & Straalen

Sunday 24th September 2017 | 2pm
Longley International Hotel, HOBART TAS
The Wolfe Brothers & Straalen

Saturday 4th November 2017
Melton Mowbray Rodeo, MELTON TAS
The Wolfe Brothers & rodeo

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