It seems fitting that a visual artist of set design should be responsible for creating the backdrop for that most beautiful of ballets, ‘Swan Lake’.

I recently spoke from Moscow with such an artist in Elik Melikov of the Moscow Ballet ‘La Classique’.

This much loved ballet with its tremendous Tchaikovsky music is a fantastical story of swans and humans.

Elik Melikov, a graduate from Moscows Art University with qualifications in professional painting and set design founded The Moscow Ballet La Classique in 1990. Elik tells me he would love to visit Australia and so Tasmania every year as the company has quite a repertoire to work through.

Elik remembers his first visit to Tasmania and leaving Sydney for the hour and a half flight to Tasmania. He tells me how the company was captured by the beauty of the island state but more than that, the extraordinary reception they received with and unexpected enthusiastic audience and fantastic feedback on the performance.

Even though Elik himself is not a fan of flying he will do so to visit his beloved Australia and Tasmania. He adds, the best audiences come from Australia, UK and Italy.

As Elik says the company has an extensive repertoire including, ‘Gisele’, ‘Coppelia’ and his personal favourite, ‘Don Quixote’’ but he tells me this latter ballet is not one of the most popular so is rarely performed but if the ballet continues to tour Tasmania every year he would be delighted to include it in the repertoire!

The set pieces in this production are all painstakingly hand painted and at our time of speaking Elik was having the final meetings regarding the stage set designs for the Australian tour.

You can see ‘Swan Lake’ performed by Moscow Ballet ‘La Classique’ at the Theatre Royal on Wednesday 5 April and Thursday 6 April.