The first two professions might have been Graham Gouldman’s career path until his love of music reminded him he was destined to be a hit maker.

When we chat last week, Graham tells me, that it’ s been ten years,  appropriately, since 10CC have been to Tasmania. One thing he recalls about Tasmania from that time, is the stone buildings, stirring memories of Yorkshire and the general Englishness of Tassie.

One version of how the band’s name became 10cc is that someone dreamt of the name 10CC on a billboard, lauding it as the best band in the world, naturally this convinced the band members to assume the name 10CC. Their songs, both creative and commercial successes have spoken to generations. Only last week Graham tells me, an audience member after the show approached him saying 10CC’s songs have been the accompaniment to his 40 year romance with his wife.

As noted earlier Graham had considered becoming a surgeon or a baker he suggests that being baker has similarities to being a musician, creating something from all the right ingredients. The similarity to a surgeon is harder to pin point but Graham says a surgeon repairs a physically broken heart just as the musician mends the metaphorical broken heart with music.  Continuing the metaphor, a surgeon removes the obstructions that prevent the heart functioning and a good song helps remove the obstructions that the metaphorical broken heart must overcome to repair.

Graham says that as creative artists 10CC are always attuned to phrases they hear that spark the subconscious in creating a memorable line in a song, sometimes with a twist. An example is the phrase ‘I don’t like cricket’ which the guys completed as ’I don’t like cricket, I love it’.

Graham says the great joy, for the guys in the band in doing this job is the joy that is replicated in the audiences they perform to.

You can see Graham and 10cc perform at the Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart on Wednesday 2nd May 2018.