I’m on the phone to Max Pellicano and he begins our chat with a surprise rendition of his singing ‘Hey, Hey Paula’ to me. I cheekily ask if he might consider singing it in his Hobart show but of course he reminds me Elvis never recorded that song and as always, as one of the world’s most lauded Elvis tribute acts, his attention to detail is meticulous. I’ve spoken to Max on several occasions now and he’s always impressed me with his appreciation of interviewers, acknowledging them by name and encouraging their presence at his gigs. I know for one I’m going to miss Max as he announces his ‘Elvis’ will leave the building on this final tour of Australia.

While Max will still continue performing as Elvis in the US but cutting out the international touring will mean the benefit of being able to spend more time with his family and concentrate more on his original career path and making use of that acting degree. Max admits he loves playing Elvis but the possibility of extending his acting skills into other roles is enticing.

Max tells me that over the 30 years he has forged great ties with Australia and its ‘phenomenal people’ who have been so very loyal and in particular he has special mention to two lovely Tasmanian sisters, Susie and Pat who have travelled around Australia to all of Max’s shows

Max was born in Monte Carlo but raised in the US, he always felt he was really home when he visited relatives in Monte Carlo. It’s the same ‘real home’ feeling he gets upon returning to Australia, even though he has no relatives here the many friends he has made over the 30 years means Australia really is another ‘home’ to him.

Max says the last concert he played in Hobart, a couple of years ago was a real highlight for him. This time around he hopes to recreate all the songs he included in his original Australian concerts with the additional highlight of film footage from those first concerts.

This final series of concerts a all about sharing the memories of 30 years with his fans and in the words of Elvis himself giving a heartfelt ‘thank you very much’ from Max.

You can see Elvis to the Max The Farewell Tour at Wrest Point Entertainment Centre Saturday 16 September, 2017.