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DUST DANCE undisturbed / disturbed

A.M. Phillips’ exhibition, Dust Dance, is a study on the movements of dust. In this installation of photographs and film, A.M. Phillips investigates the thick dust, stained wall paper and moving shadows of an empty house. 

The exhibition opens at Moonah Arts Centre at 6pm on Thursday 1 June.

Phillips’ photographs picture close-up details of thick dust that has accumulated, settled and remains undisturbed. The stains and the dust marking the floral patterned wallpaper oppose a sort of beauty to a sinister decay. The film, however, examines disturbed dust and shadows. 

In this exhibition, dust takes on a menacing quality. A.M. Phillips likens it to a psychological disturbance. Dust brings shame, it is fought with and dusted away, but it always creeps back.

Phillips’ work hovers in a zone that touches the edges of the three disciplines: film, photography and psychology. 

Dust Dance continues the investigation into the menacing nature of dust that received critical exposure in 2015 when A Handful of Dust, curated by David Campany, was first exhibited at Le Bal in Paris. A Handful of Dust travels to the Whitechapel Gallery, London in June 2017.

Dust Dance is one of two exciting exhibitions opening at MAC on Thursday 1 June, 6pm. Both exhibitions run from 2 June – 24 June. Entry is free.


 Opening event 6pm Thursday 1 June  Exhibition runs 2 June – 24 June 2017  Moonah Arts Centre, 23-27 Albert Road, Moonah  Gallery open from 10am-5pm Tuesday – Friday and 11am-3pm Saturdays  Entry to the exhibition is free