Lucy Holmes may have lived her life in direct opposite to Kylie Minogue, having been born in England and then settled in Australia, to Kylie’s being born in Australia until seeking fame in the UK. There are similarities though, apart from both ladies sharing the same middle name of Ann, Lucy bears an uncanny resemblance to Kylie in both looks and voice.

It was Lucy’s family who pointed out to Lucy as a 16 year old of her similarities to the Aussie icon and an agent who saw Lucy performing in another unrelated gig noted the resemblance and suggested she do a Kylie tribute show. While not a huge fan when she began the show, Lucy has grown in her respect for Kylie.

Classically trained Lucy always thought she would be performing ‘Les Mis’ rather than ‘Ms Minogue’ but the latter is how it has turned out, at least for now and the foreseeable future.

15 years on and Lucy’s ‘100 per cent Kylie show’ is endorsed by the icon herself as the best Kylie act in the world. Kylie’s family have added their support too, and Lucy has even performed with Danni Minogue.

Now at last Tasmania gets to experience 100 per cent Kylie! And if the response is good Lucy would consider making it an annual event.

Audiences can expect all the hits in the two hour show including the nostalgic favourites such as ‘Locomotion’ and ‘I should be so lucky’. The newer and lesser known songs will be showcased but Lucy is very aware audiences want to hear and see the hits.

Particular attention is paid to the authenticity of the costumes sourced from Las Vegas and for all those feathers…Thailand!

You can see Lucy as ‘100 per cent Kylie’ at the following times and venues
Launceston Country Club
Fri 26th May 2017

Wrest Point Casino Hobart
Sat 27th May 2017