Alex Palmer, a local Hobart film maker has been working closely with Jacquie Maginnis and Desiree Fitzgibbon in preparing the launch of the kickstarter campaign, “Arts health Film & Funding Initiative”.

Over discussions with Jacquie Maginnis, Health Promotion Co-ordinator, Alex realised that a hub for cross learning, collaboration and raising awareness in the greater community for the value of arts in health was needed to aid co-operation and ultimately attract more funds for the arts health sector.  As a second advisor for the campaign Alex brought on board the valuable experience of Desiree Fitzgibbon.  Desiree has a wealth of experience in arts and healing working in Tasmania and Europe from the 80’s till the present.

The Arts Health Film & Funding Initiative plans to create engaging and informative films to be shared together on one website as a Hub demonstrating the power of arts to improve health.

The film website hub will give a voice to individuals in the community to support arts health programs they love.  People who have family and friends who bare witness to the benefit of arts healing programs may contribute to the film making to assist in getting the message out there.  Community awareness helps grow larger film budgets and increases the attraction of future funds for arts health programs.

Donations will benefit both individual arts healing therapists and organisations.  The project is a win win for all involved as the practitioners can use the films on their own websites as well as sharing them to the central educational website hub.

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