Kevin Bloody Wilson will be in Tasmania this week, touring his show ‘Almost Awesome’.  As is expected from Kevin it will be a politically incorrect production. In his career Kevin has performed everywhere, from ‘hallowed halls in posh places to the humble outback pub’ and what he has discovered is that the laughs are the same almost everywhere and that comedy transcends most boundaries.

When I speak to Kevin he tells me visiting Tasmania is like a budget tour of Europe in that you can see all of it in one day. He adds it is a beautiful place and this tour will see him get around much of that beauty as he visits Burnie, Launceston and Hobart. Of Hobart’s Wrest Point he says it’s a ‘flash joint’ and one he’s very proud to play in. He does the circuit, or complete tour of Australia, every 2 years.

Kevin honed his skills in the 80’s when he worked in Western Australia’s Kalgoorlie mines. What began as a fun pastime, recording his humorous slant on classic songs, proved a hit and resulted in him selling many albums.

In those early days Australia was a little more straitlaced and Kevin’s songs caused the corseted country that was Australia at the time to have him arrested for singing his suspect songs in public. Those corset strings have been loosened a little and ironically, and deservedly, Kevin has gained the accolades and awards he has deserved as a unique talent, culminating in him being nominated for Australian of the Year in 2010.

The nature of Kevin’s material means he hasn’t gained a lot of media support or airplay on radio but through sheer talent his work is now considered, quite rightly a national treasure and has been preserved in the national film and sound archive in Canberra.

You can see Kevin ‘bloody’ Wilson when he performs in Tasmania at the following dates and venues:

Tuesday 1st May 2018 | 8pm
Burnie Arts Centre, Town Hall, BURNIE TAS
(03) 6431 4114 |

Thursday 3rd May 2018 | 8pm
Country Club, Showroom, LAUNCESTON TAS
1800 635 344 |

Friday 4th May 2018 | 8pm
Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, HOBART TAS
(03) 6221 1888 |

For more information, please visit