Good news for genre fans!

Hobart – 26 September— For too long Tasmanian filmgoers have been starved of one genre… horror.

Australians are as fond of a good thrill or chill as any movie fans, but there hasn’t been a huge push to promote the genre in this country since the golden age of ‘Ozploitation’ in the 1970s and 80s. 

As such, even mainstream releases often don’t make it across Bass Strait, to the disappointment of fans, who must watch the latest fare on DVD or blu-ray at home. (Or may even be tempted to illegally download them).

The Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival has been attempting to fill this gap since its inaugural festival in 2012, and is now stepping up its efforts with the introduction of a new screening series….. Horrormathèque.

“We want to show that there’s an audience for quality genre films here,” says Stranger With My Face’s Briony Kidd. 

“Firstly, to ensure that more of these films come down to Tasmanian in future. Secondly, we want to back the genre filmmakers of Australia. They’re making some great stuff at the moment but it’s often not well supported by the local market”.

An example of this would be the film The Loved Ones in 2009, directed by Tasmanian Sean Byrne and starring Tasmanian actor Robin McLeavy (Hell on Wheels).

“It was a fantastic film and acclaimed all around the world,” says Kidd, “But the way our exhibition structure is set up meant that it didn’t do very well here, which is really frustrating.” 

Sean Byrne is now working on projects in Los Angeles, following in the footsteps of other successful Australian horror filmmakers like James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring, Insidious), now the toast of Hollywood.

“It’s great to have success overseas but we want to make our own genre films for Australian audiences,” says Briony Kidd.

“We have our own sensibility and plenty of things to say through dark and twisted storytelling.”

The first Horrormathèque screening this Friday night, 27 September, is the highly regarded new ‘home invasion slasher’ film from Adam Wingard, starring Australia’s Sharni Vinson. It’s getting rave reviews around the world.

Tickets must be pre-booked online at and include a free drink beforehand at a nearby pub. This is the only screening of You’re Next in Tasmania, arranged exclusively by Horrormathèque

Further information

Horrormathèque is a screening series hosted by Stranger WIth My Face. Unlike the main festival, it has a broader focus and includes horror films of all kinds, including ones directed by men. It’s about promoting the idea of seeing horror/thriller films communally in Tasmania… with an appreciative crowd, the way they are best seen!

Upcoming screenings:

You’re Next – 27 September, Hobart
100 Bloody Acres – 5 October, Hobart

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