Sometimes he sits, looking like, in his own words, ‘an open wound’, decked as he is in his favourite red jacket.  To add to the effect and to aid in playing the piano. he removes his shoes to disclose matching red socks. This attire led to the formation for entertainer Charlie Landsborough of ‘The red socks brigade’, a band of female fans who, as a sign of support, would wear matching red socks to Charlie’s concerts.

I recently spoke to Charlie Landsborough, the travelling troubadour,  who may leave more than the appearance of an open wound this visit, in fact he may leave many wounded hearts as he is touting this present tour to be his final to Australia. Of course Charlie is in two minds about the decision, on the one hand he is ready to quit the long haul flight touring but on the other hand, he continues to have an abiding love for Australia, its scenery, its people and their sense of humour. He will get plenty of chances to soak up all three as he travels the small and the big towns of the nation by road in many instances.

Charlie grew up in a musical family and after dabbling in a number of careers including a stint as a teacher, (there is still a school in the North East of England that sings Charlies songs at school assembly), Charlie returned to his first love of music. Charlie the musician and song writer is known for songs with, in some cases deceptively simplistic lyrics that touch the heart and soul.

Charlie is surprised by how several of his songs have strongly resonated with audiences, particularly, ‘The colours of the wind’ and ‘My forever friend’. People will often approach Charlie and tell him how the songs have saved them or have transformed their lives. Charlie says this is very humbling and often brings tears to the eyes. Charlie also tells me he was very gratified to hear his songs played on UK’s Radio 4 (a somewhat snooty station).

Charlie says he and his touring manager Terry Gordon have capitulated a little and Charlie might consider a more pared down select city tour of Australia in the future, I put to Charlie the possibility of perhaps if patrons wear Charlie’s favourite colour of red to his concerts he may just consider visiting us again sometime in the future.

You can see Charlie at the following dates and venues on the Tasmanian leg of his tour:

Friday 25 May Burnie Burnie Civic Centre - Tasmania 0364305850 08:00 PM
Saturday 26 May Hobart Wrest Point Casino - Tasmania 0362211888 03:00 PM
Sunday 27 May Launceston Country Club - Tasmania 0363355777 03:00 PM