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Directions Theatre is celebrating their 20th production in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens with Shakespeare’s timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet.

Fall in love with Shakespeare’s eternal story of romance and feuding families as the star-crossed lovers of Romeo and Juliet are brought to the Gardens magnificent setting.

As the old feud between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s heats up, two teenagers from opposite sides fall in love at first sight.

Married in secret, they hope for reconciliation between their families. When short tempers lead to deadly consequences, the young lovers find themselves alone, facing impossible odds and making desperate decisions.  What starts as a comedy transforms into a heart-stirring love story, featuring Shakespeare’s extraordinary poetry.

Directed by CJ Bowers, this modern take on the world’s greatest love story will delight and move audiences.

“Romeo and Juliet is the love story that people return to again and again,” Bowers says.  “The passion and energy within the play has always felt fresh and contemporary.”

The Cast are Adam King, Gilbert Williams, Jared Goldsmith, Marcus Johnson, Natalie Venettacci, Tai Gardner, Lillie McNamarra, Victoria Bremner, Lochie Dew

B enchanted by the Botanical Gardens at night, pack a picnic and come along to be swept up in Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet
Venue : Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
Times / Dates:  9 February – 3 March 2018   Tue to Sat 7pm
Prices: $25/$15
Booking details (Online / Phone): Centertainment, Gate Sales from 6PM on night of performance