When I call Russell Morris to talk about the upcoming APIA tour I’m eager to ask him if he is down from cloud 9 yet following his beloved Richmond winning the flag last year’.  He is of course delighted but ever diplomatic stating that even if Richmond do not win again he is a satisfied man.

He tells me that he and his son were planning to attend the final and were emotionally touched when he was offered a free ticket by a friend who was a Western Bulldogs fan and believed Russell should attend as his team was playing in the final.

Of course footy can be a distraction especially when as a musician Russell has to be constantly switched on and paying attention to any visits from the music muse. How then should a creative artist prepare for the muse?

Russell says Paul Simon and Bob Dylan would always set to work with a folder and pen constantly writing down and tucking away notes on moments of inspiration that might be utilised to create music. Working to that system Russell will often quickly get an idea written down, leave it to simmer overnight and then listen to it again the next morning and if it still sounds good it is probably okay!

The writing process for him might begin with a title and work back on the chords.

Russell is impatient when it comes to creating a song and if it isn’t working he is not averse to abandoning an unfinished idea. Where does the inspiration come from?

Russell reads a lot and sometimes the inspiration might come from learning or hearing something, even just a comment by someone and then developing it into a song.

Russell tells me the next stop in his musical journey might be to move away from the pop songs and go back where it began with the Blues.

This weekend Russell will be performing in Tasmania with the other APIA legends, Marcia Hines, Brian Cadd, Leo Sayer and John Paul Young on the APIA 2018 tour. He’s enjoying performing with a group of people he loves and respects, some he’s known ‘forever’ and others not so long.

You can catch Russell and fellow APIA artists this weekend at the following dates and venues …

Jun 15, 2018 Princess Theatre, Launceston
Jun 16, 2018 Wrest Point Entertainment Centre, Hobart