On thursday 22nd of November 2012, a group of people, about 30 in number, protested the woolworths meeting in Adelaide at the convention Centre against woolworths large number of poker machines. As was to be expected, the powers that be were nowhere to be seen except behind closed doors. There is the impression that if they don’t listen they can plead ignorance when asked why they ignored the cries of the community.

The protesters were very vocal and determined to make an impression. These people didn’t have to go but they are speaking out because they know if there are many voices there is more chance of being listened to.

The group made their way to the Parliament precinct and heard stories from people about the huge damage these machines cause in our communities. There were a couple of people who performed music appropriate to the occasion and it is believed that a couple of politicians were affected by these peoples courage to come out against this problem.

There was a lone protester in NSW who repeated the same message outside their local woolworths. A sign of the linking of arms and voices against this heartache.

There is very real network and coalition in the anti-pokies movement. What was thought to be a few fringe loonies now has many educated and experienced people amongst its ranks. They talk together even though at times there are the naturally occuring differences between humans and schisms form but it is surprisingly cohesive and the knowledge base and as a consequence, the public awareness is being raised.

Take encouragement and kudos all you who are fighting this good fight. You give me inspiration.

Image: CurtisLeMaysNose

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