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*Pic: Expert on earthworms and dung beetles, Dr Graeme Richardson will present at Exeter on 20th July.

What’s happening beneath our soils will be the topic of discussion at a workshop held on 20th July at Exeter.

Run under the banner of Backyard to Broadacres, the topic will interest large and medium sized farming operations through to smaller life stylers, horticulturists and gardeners.

Program coordinator, Greg Lundstrom from Tamar NRM said that “Attendees will see the benefits of putting dung beetles and earthworms to work in their pastures and gardens”. “We have coupled this with a biochar making demonstration, where you will see what biochar can do for all scales of operations.”

“We are delighted to have two experts in their respective fields who, through practical demonstration, will show soil forming and soil improvement methods.” Mr. Lundstrom said.

The day will start at Tresca Community Centre with agronomist Dr. Graeme Stevenson, author of ” Ruminations of a Poo-ologist: Native and Introduced Dung Beetles in Tasmania” and “Earthworms in Tasmanian Agriculture”, monitoring what worms are present on the neighbouring farm. Dr. Stevenson is the former senior research officer with the Tasmanian Agricultural Department.

A practical biochar making session will follow, discussing its benefits in utilising waste stream products to improve soil fertility and reduce the risk of waste into the environment. This session will be led by owner of Terra-Preta Developments and biochar producer Mr. Frank Strie.

This “Backyards to Broadacres” workshop is the fifth in a series of agriculturally focussed events aimed at providing regionally relevant information for sustainable farming. Funding is provided through the federal government’s sustainable agriculture small grants round.

It is important to register for catering purposes phoning Tamar NRM on 6323 3310 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or go to the website: for more details.

Thursday, 20th July 2017
Tresca Community Centre and visits to
local farms and garden operations
Benefits of Biochar, Beetles and Worms in
Sustainable Farming Systems
Topic will cover: Sustainable agriculture, small scale farming, the benefits of putting dung beetles and worms to work in your pastures and gardens, biochar for all scales of operations, making biochar (practical demonstration - afternoon visit to Frank & Karin Strie’s property).
Date: Thursday, 20th July 2017
Time: 9.30am to 3.30 pm
Where: Tresca Community Centre, Exeter & Farm visit
Presenters: Agronomist Dr. Graeme Stevenson (Author of ” Ruminations of a Poo-ologist: Native and Introduced Dung Beetles in Tasmania” and “Earthworms in Tasmanian Agriculture” and a former senior research officer with the Tasmanian Agricultural Department.
Frank Strie, Master Forester and owner of Terra-Preta Developments (Black Soil Developments) bio biochar producer to discuss the uses of Biochar, the upcycling of bio mass and use of and waste stream product and manures to improve soil fertility and reduce risk of waste into environment.

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*Greg Lundstrom is Program Co-ordinator at Tamar NRM