The Premier, Lara Giddings, said Will Hodgman and the Tasmanian Liberal Party had shown once and for all that they will never stand up and fight for Tasmania.

“With Tasmania’s GST revenue under sustained attack from the West Australian Liberal government, it is an utter disgrace that the Tasmanian Liberal Party director, Sam McQuestin has flown to WA to work on their campaign. 

“WA Premier Colin Barnett wants to rip $700 million out of Tasmania’s budget.

“He would rather Tasmania shut entire hospitals just so he can line his coffers with our State’s money.

“And yet Will Hodgman seems happy allow his Party’s State Director to actively support Mr Barnett’s campaign. 

“While I was addressing the National Press Club to defend this State against the likes of Mr Barnett, Sam McQuestin was working to undermine his own state’s interests. 

“Do we see Will Hodgman standing up to Mr Barnett? No way - instead he allows his right-hand man to try to secure Mr Barnett’s reelection.

“Will Hodgman has some explaining to do. 

“I’d bet even Tasmanian Liberal Party members would be interested to understand how helping a WA Premier who wants to cut $700 million in Tasmanian services makes any sort of sense.

“If you think of the GST as a pie then even a child would understand that if you give a bigger slice to WA there will be less to go round for everyone else.

“It is shockingly appalling judgement at best and a complete betrayal of Tasmania’s interests.

“The Liberals have shown they won’t fight for this State.

“And Will Hodgman has shown he just cannot be trusted,” Ms Giddings said.