Barbara Etter

I too have been bored, depressed and yet slightly surprised by the candour (in admitting its uselessness) of a TIC public service presentation, but it was some time ago, and during the incumbency of the long departed Barbara Etter. The presenter was a different gender but otherwise, like #30, my recollection was of an equally farcical effort.

The sad thing is only TT even bothers to cover the TIC. The ABC can’t be bothered (perhaps it considers that TIC doing nothing isn’t a story, but in this case it clearly is). As #9 points out most Tasmanians appear to accept of having given up trying to lift the standards of behaviour among the powerful in Tasmania, and TIC reinforces the pointlessness of trying to do so.

I had a look at TIC’s one and only ‘achievement’ the Code of Conduct Report for Ministers’ (thanks #10 for pointing it out). I didn’t find it a ‘good read’; on a technical level most of it appears to be dreadfully written (and not proof read), but on a more substantive level it doesn’t really say anything, and I haven’t heard anything about it or its recommendations being followed up.

Has anyone?

#38 included a link to a TIC presentation from 2010 where it identifies it ‘major challenges’ for the next 18 months (times up btw) as being establishing credibility for TIC (fail), raising ethical awareness in the community/public sector (obviously dropped/fail), building misconduct resistance (fail) and, laughably, ‘demonstrating value for money’. Held to its own standards and goals, TIC should be in a lot of trouble. Based on its productivity alone, as a private sector organisation it would have folded in its first year. As #39 so aptly puts it, a ‘dead duck’.

Given the longstanding and well known (except apparently to TIC employees) issues and examples of misconduct and corrupt practices in Tasmania at the very least TIC should have a high public profile – if its going to change things and raise standards we need to actually know its there. However, with this level of obvious incompetence its easy to understand why it keeps its head down.

P.S. I have checked this comment against the TT Code of Conduct. It complies. That should make TIC happy.

These observations first appeared as comment on this article, “I didn’t know we had an Integrity Commission”: the view from the public sector, HERE. Comment on either

• December 17, 2012, on Tasmanian Times: “I didn’t know we had an Integrity Commission”: the view from the public sector