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New polling shows momentum is building behind the campaign to protect kunanyi/Mt Wellington from a cable car, with a majority of Denison residents now opposed to the project. The poll demonstrates that as more information about the cable car is released and special legislation to facilitate it is passed, more people are openly opposed to it.

The poll, commissioned by Residents Opposed to the Cable Car (ROCC) and conducted by Reachtel on 15th May, surveyed 645 residents of the electorate of Denison. The poll returned a result demonstrating 44.6% in opposition to the cable car, 42.2% in favour and 13.1% neutral or undecided.

This is an 11% swing against the project, relative to a comparable The Mercury Reachtel poll of July 2017 that asked the same question.

“Public opinion against the cable car is growing as more becomes known about the project, the proponent’s poor process and secrecy is exposed and the Government writes special rules to assist its assessment,” said Ted Cutlan, spokesperson for ROCC.

“This poll demonstrates a majority of Dension residents now opposes the cable car. Of course, we know many people outside of Denision also want kunanyi/Mt Wellington protected so this is a very clear message to Government, the proponent, potential investors and the broader community.”
The swing against the cable car is consistent with a trend of declining support for the proposal since a 2014 Reachtel poll (when asked the same question)

2018 Reachtel poll 42.2% support, 44.6% oppose, 13.1% undecided.

2017 Reachtel poll 47.6% support, 40.3% oppose, 12.1% undecided.

2014 Reachtel poll 47.9% support, 36.4% oppose, 15.7% undecided.

The compulsory acquisition of reserved public land for the project is also opposed by 54.3% of respondents, with 36% in support and 9.6% unsure or undecided.

The poll also shows that a majority of respondents (47.2%) believe that CUB, owners of the Cascade Brewery, should not support the project.

There is strong support for a Visitor Centre and restaurant at the Springs, with 69.6% for this concept, 19.2% against and 11.1% undecided.

“This poll strengthens the arm of community groups standing up to this proposal and comes after an overwhelming community event outside the Cascade brewery that demonstrated strong, diverse and determined opposition to the proposal”

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• Peter Gutwein, Minister for State Growth

Mount Wellington cable car

As MWCC are considering a shortened route I have sought advice as to whether the Authority that allows it to undertake site investigations for the purposes of preparing a planning application to the Hobart City Council needs to be reconsidered, modified or rescinded.

While I note the company has not yet formally determined the final route, I advised the MWCC late yesterday that it will need to apply for a new Authority should they wish to proceed with a shortened route.

The government is supportive of a cable car for kunanyi/Mount Wellington and I will now await the MWCC’s decision on whether it will continue with the route comprising a terminal in the vicinity of Cascade, or whether it wishes to proceed on the basis of a shortened route within the confines of the Park.

• Residents opposed to the cable car

End the secrecy and tell the public

It has been 15 days of silence from Minister Peter Gutwein on what the Government is doing with the Cable Car proponent‘s suspended permit.

The Minister suspended the developer’s permit on May 3rd, telling Parliament that, “I have requested advice as to whether the authority I granted needs to be reconsidered, modified or rescinded.”

“We call on the minister to revoke the ‘authority to enter’ granted under the Cable Car Facilitation Act. This project has changed so much that the permit is no longer relevant.” said Ted Cutlan, spokesperson for ROCC.

“The recently revealed starting point above Old Farm Road indicates that CUB (owners of the Cascade Brewery) are not likely to support the project.

“ROCC are calling on the Minister to explain exactly why the permit was suspended and immediately inform the public of what he intends to do.

“We also request that the Minister release details of any communications between his office and MWCC.” he said.

We are led to believe that the proponent has been undertaking works within Wellington Park for many months.

Was the work approved? If not, will unapproved works inform any forthcoming Development Application?

“There are serious questions to be answered.  We are talking about public land and the public has a right to know”, said Mr Cutlan.

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