Allen Dewhurst, the CEO of Salvation Army stores, visits Tasmania’s stores in Launceston and Hobart on a regular basis. He enjoys the peaceful, relaxing drives from Launceston to Hobart or vice versa and has a long standing staff he is always happy to catch up with.

It was in a Tasmanian Salvation Army store that a statue discovered of a dog fetched the price of 2 and a half thousand dollars.  Then there was that painting that went for 10.000 dollars!

Of course not all bargains are such gems, sometimes there are things donated that aren’t really saleable, like a fish tank with the fish still in it!

These are true stories and it was fascinating and an eye opener to talk with Allen about the upcoming Salvation Army ‘Vintage Tee Day’.

Allen is hoping that the March 22 event will see many Australians take up the challenge of donning their favourite vintage tee for the day and if they don’t have one, popping into a Salvo store to choose one from the vast selection in stock. One hundred per cent of all profits of the day will be donated to the Salvation Army and put into their programmes to help the underprivileged and homeless.

There is something in the event for everyone, including Facebook fame. Vintage tee wearers are encouraged to post photos of themselves wearing their tee to the Salvation Army Facebook site.

Allen is hoping that this campaign will see a number of new customers come through the door of Salvos stores and that after acquiring that vintage tee they might expand their horizons further and find some other items of interest as well. The big hope is that they will join a select band of regulars that shop at Salvo stores.

As well as raising money for the Salvation Army programs the event hopes to educate people more about saving the environment and you can understand Allen’s ambition when you realise a statistic that probably not many people even ponder, that it takes 400 gallons of water to grow the cotton required to produce a t-shirt!

Allen is proof of the bargains found at the Salvo stores as he himself is very proud of his Hugo Boss boots and Gucci tie both sourced from Salvo stores.

Before he took up this position at the Salvation Army Allen was a managing director at Hertz rent a car and worked in marketing at the National Bank and he brings these considerable manager and marketing skills to this position at the Salvation Army. Having been with the Salvation Army for 7 years, he is very content with his job and proud of the work his staff continues to do.

Please consider getting your fellow workers involved in Vintage Tee