Image for The Rise of Eric Abetz ... hmmmm maybe ...

*Pic: PM Turnbull and the good Senator ...

It appears with recent positioning within the Federal Liberal Party that a shift to the left towards Small (l) Liberal is underway &hellip

Conviction Politicians do not survive these changes in direction ... hence Cory Bernardi has seen the writing on the wall and taken his UN Showbag from a recent trip and formed his own Party.

Tony Abbott has also been cast adrift by Menzies bed-warmer little Johny Howard with a resounding: “You have had your turn Tony its time to let someone else have a bat”.

An early casualty was our very own Eric Abetz who was dropped from PM Turnbull’s Cabinet ...

Senator Abetz although very outspoken about his conservatism is not a conviction politician, he is driven by a need to be involved in the higher echelon as puppeteer, kingmaker and now it appears as a leadership candidate.

It is not neccesary for the public to believe in Senator Abetz if he believes in himself. So a tilt at the top job is now a real possibilty as self-belief is a trait he has no equal to in the modern day parliament and there are obvious right-wingers who would benefit from him being in charge.

A snap state poll is always helpful to the numbers fellas at the Federal level to justify their position in the back room.

So if a Tasmanian State Liberal campaign was returned to Government it would bolster the chaps to run with momentum at the National level.

I believe a succession plan has been agreed upon with Mr Abetz front and centre in the new look Turnbull Pantomine.

Unfortunately for Senator Abetz there are 3 key policy areas that will isolate him from any long term clutch at relevance or legacy unless he can be agile and innovative ...

• The Environment
• The Treatment to Aboriginals
• The Gay Marriage debate

If Senator Abetz can navigate these 3 aspects of the next 25 years of political discourse he will remain relevant and perhaps be one of Australia’s Liberal Prime Ministers …

Time is running out for the Senator as a chance like this only comes once a political career and he has to lead persuasively or he will look like just a gymnast who can’t land a backflip.