I have recently returned from Ballaarat, (the correct Aboriginal spelling), visiting the wonderful exhibition ‘Capturing Flora, 300 years of Australian Botanical Art,’a remarkable example of what can be achieved by a small community. The catalogue is magnificent.

While in that City I had reason to purchase a selection of books that would have made me overweight on the plane.

I visited the local Post Office and posted them in two Large Parcels, Regular, over 17 kgs and less than 20 kgs the maximum allowed.The cost to Tasmania $45.15 the same parcel to Sydney cost $34.35. I asked why the difference, no one could supply me with an answer.

I recently repurchased a set of Country Life from inception before 1900 to 1985 bound in over 200 volumes. To ship from Perth in WA to Melbourne by train 1700 dollars, then by sea from Melbourne to Burnie 2850 dollars total 4550 dollars.


Send the complete set of Country Life to London by sea, cost 600 dollars. A 20 ft Container from Southend to Burnie with the balance of my UK purchases 3100 dollars total 3700 dollars.

The gods do not favour our Tasmania. The shipping and transport monopolies within Australia from Australia Post to Toll have got us in a no win situation. Our Labor/Green Pollies cannot see the wood from the trees and the Libs cannot see.

What to do.

Those shining beacons of Independence in the Upper House of the Tasmanian Parliament?

Maybe those not on the Ta Ann drip may have an answer or are they all in the thrall of the smoke from vested interest.

If we could get a Hong Kong or Singapore weekly sailing into Bell Bay, with the help rather than the hindrance of the GBE controlling Tasmanian Ports we could load direct, use these country’s as hubs, then return ship to Australia all I suggest for less money.

The current ball game is a no win for Tasmania.