The Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement for Clive Palmer’s Galilee Coal Project in Queensland (the truly monstrous China First mega-mine) has been out for a few weeks — all 4000 pages of it, with deliberately little time left to react to it.

It foreshadows the complex procedures Tasmania will have to hurry its way through as the mining boom hoopla accelerates here — a forthcoming frenzy lurking almost unnoticed beneath the current Tasmanian forestry foofaraw.

If dinosaurs like Brooks and Green are allowed to get away with their Pleistocene policies and gouge the guts out of the Tarkine, we’ll have only ourselves to blame once the boom busts. And everyone should be aware that one of the Legislative Council amendments, inserted by Mulder (who may need a bit of watching) into the mutilated forestry agreement bill and attempting to impose a ban on protests, may set a sinister anti-democratic precedent which could be used by the dig-it-up-or-chop-it-down lobby.

Perhaps because of a drafting error, the clause resulting from that amendment may be invalid or unenforceable. But it’s a pointer to the way a lot of ‘independents’ think.

Meanwhile, this link will at least give you a chance to blow a raspberry at Big Clive and help to save a state and federally funded nature refuge he wants to guzzle up.