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Many Tasmanians have for a long time been disillusioned by both Tasmanian Liberal and Labor Parties. They believe that Tasmania is not being properly represented in the Parliament, both at a State and a Federal level.

One could argue that this is the case, when you see major decisions affecting Tasmania being made in the Boardrooms in Sydney and Melbourne, with little or no regard for Tasmania or it people. Too often these decision are made without local sensitivities being taken into account.

There is in Tasmania, a more striking need to balance environmental quality and essential economic progress. Development must be sustainable, based on world best practice whilst also being competitive.

Progress can only be achieved by the improvement in skills through training, education, harmonious industrial relations and effective management that is sympathetic to Tasmanian people.

To this end T4T - Tasmanians 4 Tasmania is being set up as the foremost political alternative for Tasmanian people.

T4T will only ever be a Tasmanian Political Party “of the people, for the people, by the people”.

Its policies will be formed with consultation from its members to ensure that the Tasmanian people have some direct input into the direction of the party. Lack of control over the Island’s resources and policies hinders local sovereignty in relation to resource base. The T4T party will restore local authority, eroded by the dominance of the two major political parties. We see this in the decisions to “sell off”  the Van Diemens Land Company, an icon of Tasmanian business and history, and the recent decision by the Federal Government in approving the controversial fish farm application for Oakhampton Bay. These are two classic examples of Canberra dictating economic direction to Tasmania.

T4T will work to ensure that the standard of living of all Tasmanians is raised to match that of our mainland counterparts by ensuring that proper wages and conditions are in place.

The population is ageing and declining, unemployment rates on the Island continue to be an issue, and the loss of our youth to other destinations makes the need for revitalised development strategies an imperative.

T4T - Tasmanians 4 Tasmania will work diligently for all Tasmanians, and when we have representation in Government, we will be asking our elected members to abide by the “Fitzgerald Principles”, which very few Federal Labor politicians,  and none of the Liberal politicians will not sign off on. We think this is a disgrace, and goes to show the integrity of current elected Politicians.

When Tasmanian people realise the power they have in their hands, and the ability to control the balance of power in the Australian Senate, and possibly the Lower House, then and only then will Tasmania have any direct input into Australian Government policy and direction. For this to occur, Tasmanian people need to stop being “divided and conquered” by the two party system and come together as one.

This is what we want to achieve for Tasmania.

Enquiries and membership can be directed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and you can check us out on Facebook

T4T - Tasmanians 4 Tasmania, We Can, We Will

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Rob Newitt Bio for Tasmanian Times

Rob Newitt is a 5th generation Tasmanian. Born in Hobart, he grew up in Sorell until leaving to join the Royal Australian Navy in 1977, two weeks prior to his 16th birthday. After leaving the Navy he worked for the State Rail Authority of NSW for 7 years in various positions, driving passenger coaches and working the largest trains in NSW (10,000 tonne coal trains).
He returned to Tasmania to raise his children in what he regards as “the best place on the planet”.
He lived and worked on the Tasman Peninsula for 7 years, and after the breakdown of his marriage after the Port Arthur Incident, he became a single father raising two children on a disability pension. He is well aware of what it means “to do it tough”.
After presenting his socio-economic policies to Dr Bruce Felmingham, he was pushed to attend University, where he studied Economics, Political Science and Philosophy.
Rob is the proud father of two beautiful children, and now a Grandfather of three wonderful grandchildren.
His vision for Tasmania is one of Tasmanian people having control of their state and making the policies in Tasmania for Tasmanian people, instead of being dictated to by the Boardrooms of Sydney and Melbourne and the Two Party politics of Canberra.
He understands the Tasmanian people and their needs, and wants to see Tasmania become the financial hub of Australia.
The founder of the soon to be registered political party T4T-Tasmanians for Tasmania, Rob wants to raise the standard of living for all Tasmanians, and ensure the economic growth of Tasmania for all Tasmanians.