Image for Survivors Slam Young Labor’s sex industry policy

Young Labor’s recent announcement that their decriminalisation policy written with the Scarlet Alliance will be taken to the coming ALP State Conference has shocked Survivors and women’s human rights groups from across Australia.

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As Director of NorMAC and a Survivor of the sex trade I am appalled that Young Labor have made no attempt to consult with Survivors, women’s human rights organisations and Tasmanian members of NorMAC in the development of their policy.

International research has proved that decriminalisation in all jurisdictions has only led to a massive increase in both legal but especially illegal brothels and that this has led to more girls and women suffering increasing violence from sex buyers and pimps.

The sex trade lobby in Australia has recently been dealt a massive blow to their campaign agenda with the release of 20 Survivors’ stories blowing the whistle on the systemic violence and abuse they suffered in the sex trade mainly in Australia and New Zealand. The book Prostitution Narratives was released by Spinifex Press earlier this year.


ALP members have a right to be properly informed by Survivors and women’s human rights organisations before the ALP votes in support of any new sex industry laws in Tasmania.

Despite attempts to contact Young Labor, they have been unresponsive to attempts to engage with survivors of the sex trade.