It would be very funny if it wasn’t so bloody serious.

Bloated pollies seizing every opportunity for a nodding photo wank ( A point I made, Comment 1, The Capricious Horror, here ).

If I had seen any more of David O’Bryne standing behind the acting police commissioner or the fire chief, a pained and concerned look on his face, and naturally, nodding, I woulda hurled my new dumbells (for ageing pecs) at the newly-bought-for-Chrissy flatscreen.

But if it wasn’t just funnily gnomic, it was hugely offputting. For then I was subjected to the enormous wisdom of Dick Adams also nodding sagely and looking deeply concerned as the PM (who does seem to have a bit of genuine empathy) toured the devastation of Dunalley in the days after the firestorm.

Then that other regal leader, The Guv, compounds it all by pissing off overseas on hols. ( The Guv jets off overseas ).

It is no wonder writers like A Tas Times Reporter: (Harsh Lessons of a Bushfire Horror) conclude that we simply don’t need our pollies. They are an impediment. They get in the way - and they cost us hugely.

Oh for the instant leadership of an Anna Bligh after the Queensland floods. What do we get here?

Premier Lara telling devastated locals to contact the Red Cross if they are desperate for help ( ABC: Questions over bushfire response; ABC: Bushfire money starts to flow ). It’s a wonder she didn’t have David and Dick nodding in the background ...


But, of course we have to get our priorities right: Bellerive Oval badly needs a spare taxpayers’ $15 million, doesn’t it? ( Mercury: State’s $15m Blundstone boost ).

*Not the writer’s real name; known to Ed

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