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ROCC received documents through an RTI request which show that a consultant for the Mount Wellington Cablecar Company (MWCC) advised that there was significant threatened species habitat in the areas proposed for work associated with the cable car. 1

It would appear this advice was not forwarded to the Wellington Park Management Trust (WPMT)

“As serial offenders the MWCC have failed again to adhere to proper process. The company were required to notify the WPMT of any Threatened Species Habitat found in the area affected by the Authority to Enter granted by the minister the Honourable, Mr Gutwein MLA”, said Mr Cutlan, a spokesperson for ROCC.

ROCC asked the Hobart City Council as land owner on the 19th of March if they were going to be referring the Minister’s Authority to Enter Land to the Commonwealth Government for assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The response received from the Council was that they would not be doing that.

“ROCC has now sent the RTI documents and an accompanying letter 2 to the Council and asked if they would be reconsidering their position in light of the new documents”, said Mr Cutlan.

“We are calling on the HCC to ensure that the activities of MWCC be referred to the federal Minister for the Environment, the Honourable Mr Josh Frydenberg, MLC for review under the EPBC Act. The HCC can undertake this referral process or require a third party, such as the Wellington Park Trust, DSG or MWCC, to do so.” 3

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