Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania (AACT) warns that defenceless animals will once againbe subjected to fear, pain and stress in the name of ‘entertainment’.  This will happen as part of the Deep South Events Chute Out (Bull Ride) in Margate on Saturday 24 November.  The location is new, but the exploitation and suffering are the same.

“It is totally unacceptable that bulls and steers are subjected to stress, fear and potential injury or death for the amusement of a small minority of people,” said AACT spokesperson Chris Simcox.

“Rodeos are banned in the ACT, the UK, much of Europe and even in some states in the US. Recently a rodeo that was to take place in China, a country with arguably some of the worst animal welfare standards in the world, was cancelled due to public outcry.”

Injuries to rodeo animals is common, if not commonly reported.  Serious injuries are far too common, and can lead to death.

“As part of the rodeo event in Margate, bulls and steers will be forced to buck by the use of flank straps and spurs.” siad Mr Simcox, “Bucking is not natural behavious for bulls – they do not buck for the fun of it.  They buck in an attempt to remove pain, caused by tight flank straps and spurs gouging into their sides.  Bulls weigh well in excess of 500 kg, so when they fall they invariably injure themselves.  This can prove fatal.”

AACT is monitoring all Tasmanian rodeos this season. Past rodeos are evidence of the need to watch and document what happens at rodeos around the state.

AACT is asking the public not to support animal cruelty by attending rodeos and is calling on the Tasmanian Government to ban rodeos in Tasmania.