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I have spent the past 13 years speaking with the Tasmanian public and Tasmanian students about farm animals. Speaking about their emotions and welfare, their treatment and their suffering and the fact that when we treat them kindly there is no difference between the relationship we can have with a sheep, cow, pig, cat or dog …

I have encouraged empathy, kindness, respect and compassion towards animals and I have devoted my all to trying to make Tasmania a kinder place for all of us both human and non-human.

I have spoken to some 50,000 students of whom a large number have chosen not to continue eating animals after learning the facts around how meat is produced and who dies in order for us to satisfy our taste buds.

Launceston and Hobart last year had the highest number of google hits nationally on veganism. This did not come about as a result of events such as ‘150 Action’.

I emplore you to be kind and empathic and show respect for the bull whose fate is in your hands. Please spare his life and allow him to live at Brightside Farm Sanctuary.

You have sold the Dark Mofo event ‘150 Action’ as though you are raising awareness about the eating of animals.

The truth is in order to do this you would need to screen the slaughter of the bull or kill him in public.

Instead like millions of other innocent animals he will be slaughtered behind closed doors and out of the sight and minds of meat eaters who will not have their dietary choices challenged at all.

The difference between this bull and the millions of animals who are slaughtered every year for food is you are able to save this animal’s life.

He will be slaughtered in the name of art and people who go to see this event will not question their eating habits as a result of seeing humans role in the body parts and entrails of his desecrated carcass.

Please David Walsh I beg you to show compassion and empathy and cancel this Dark Mofo event.

Yours Sincerely,

Emma Haswell

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