The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, is calling for live animal exports to be banned.

“The latest shocking revelation of cruelty to Australian animals, this time in Egypt, surely must sound the death knell for Australia’s live animal export industry,” Mr Wilkie said.

“With each new revelation come more promises from the Government to fix the trade, but each time these promises prove worthless and just more evidence that the Government doesn’t really care about animal welfare.

“Making the situation in Egypt all the more appalling is that there is already an Australian presence at that abattoir. If the Government’s response this time is more talk about supply chain assurance then all it will really be saying is more of the same.

“Since Four Corners blew the lid on the systemic cruelty in Indonesian slaughterhouses two years ago we’ve had revelations of more cruelty in Kuwait, Pakistan, Israel, and now Egypt. Given the live export industry’s track record we can assume similar problems in other countries.

“The bottom line is that the live export business is systemically cruel and beyond remedy. It’s also not in Australia’s economic self-interest because exporting live animals also exports the jobs of those who would otherwise slaughter and process them.

“On 18 August 2011 my Private Member’s Bill to wind up the trade received virtually no support and was voted down in the Parliament. In light of these latest revelations I will try to resurrect that Bill and expect the Government and the Opposition, or at least those people of good heart in the Parliament, to support it.”

“The live export industry is systemically cruel, not in Australia’s economic best interests and strongly opposed by the majority of Australians. The Government must put an end to it.

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