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First published March 5

This week will see a play out of election post mortems, regrets and general dissolution.

However, regardless of how dire things seem for the next four years in Tasmania, on a global scale our state continues to remain as one the best natural environments to live in despite another term of conservative Liberal governance claiming a mandate for every issue they see fit.

By late Saturday evening it became glaringly obvious that Tasmanians have a long way to go to understand how they are governed and politically manipulated. If ever there was an opportunity for Tasmanians to educate themselves regarding corporate influences over their democratic, social and civil rights then the 2018 state election was it!

Sadly this election day we witnessed Tasmania’s democracy being bought out beneath their feet by vested interests.

Most Tasmanians were fully aware of the political influence of the pokie industry, yet come the ballot box’s final moment, they ignored the warnings, and simply voted without a conscience.

From this day on Tasmania’s democracy will never be the same.

Big business has always influenced political outcomes through party donations, though leading up to March 3 it was blatantly transparent who was heavily financing the Liberal party’s campaign. The subsequent return of favours for the Liberals being re-elected will be a classic case of contemptible quid pro quo.

Tasmanians knew what was going down, and swallowed the Liberals’ advertising messages hook, line and sinker. This was done without any consideration towards the precedent being set of buying an election in the House of Assembly.

This event was essentially a turning point in devious, underhanded and deceptive vote-buying. Not to mention the hoodwinking and coercion that will shame our political representation across the state for quite some time.

Just 24 hours before the polling booths opened the Liberals were exposed to their shock and outrageous policy towards relaxing gun laws in Tasmania. This policy had almost slipped through the net, and subsequently caused outrage from many in the community. However it seems that by the time the policy was leaked most Tasmanians had already made their decision that the Liberals should be re-elected.

Besides the gun-law relaxing policy, the Liberals have another 170 undisclosed policies they will attempt to impose upon all Tasmanians over the next 4 years. Although there was no disclosure of all of their policies, the Libs will use their majority to claim they have a mandate to do so …

Tasmania’s extraordinary natural environment is the foundation of our admired lifestyle and future economics, and its integrity will be under enormous attacks on all fronts from developers and exploiters.

Over the past four years the Liberals opened the doors to anyone with a desire to either invest or extract. The question of how much more damage the Liberals can do is unknown, though we know the political intent and opportunity will prevail.

With our democracy now seriously fragmented we should brace ourselves for some disturbing times ahead …

*Ted Mead is still in disbelief that Tasmanians were so naïve and gullible as to what developed over the past few months with the pokie lobby taking complete control over election advertising. Ted’s immediate reaction was to consider buying a one-way ticket to New Zealand, though he still feels compelled to campaign for the environment in Tasmania until the last high conservation areas are protected knowing this is still many years before us.