The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, is calling on the Labor-Greens State Government to immediately put an end to so much of the work on the Royal Hobart Hospital rebuild going to mainland workers.

“The $565 million rebuild of the Royal Hobart Hospital is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the State’s history and a critically important boost during tough economic times,” Mr Wilkie said.

“But already most of the design and engineering work has gone to mainland firms and the lead managing contractor is an Australian multi-national.

“And now we learn that the managing contractor is seeking expressions of interest for sub-contract work from mostly mainland firms.

“This is simply not good enough from a Labor-Greens State Government which really should be putting the interests of Tasmanian firms and Tasmanian workers ahead of mainlanders.

“More political mumbo-jumbo explanations from the State Government is not what Tasmanians need to hear right now. Instead we need an unambiguous commitment to stop this practice immediately and ensure the vast bulk of future contracts go to Tasmanian firms and Tasmanian workers.

“This issue has now been raised with me by many local businesses, most of whom are more than up to the job of helping rebuild Tasmania’s main hospital.”