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Given that a “stakeholder” was the person who held the money/stake in a bet, the term has something of a ambiguous history in the English language usage.  In matters of governance ‘stakeholder’ has come to mean those with a vested cum pecuniary interest in something – the ambiguity persists unsurprisingly.

However, Josh Frydenberg has it seems invented another class of ‘stakeholder’ in so much as he indicates that in order to be consulted one, it seems, needs to be a “proper stakeholder”. 

The question is, who are these ‘proper stakeholders’ and who is it who deems them to be so? After that there are more questions but an answer to this is needed first.

JOSH FRYDENBERG … “And what we need to do is settle our position in response to Dr Alan Finkel’s report ( HERE ), consult widely with the proper stakeholders and then we can start to move it through the political process. To quote Winston Churchill, this is not the beginning of the end, but just the end of the beginning.” ...


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