John Hawkins
Greg Hall

I have decided that I will stand for the Seat of Western Tiers against the Liberal backed but Independent Greg Hall. I have lived in the Electorate of Western Tiers for nearly 10 years and I am registered to vote.

If elected (on May 5) I will act as a true Independent. In the 10 years I have lived in Tasmania I have never met or spoken to Brown, McKim, Booth, Hodgman or Giddings and in the ultimate test of independence, I believe I am one of the few in this Electorate who has never met or spoken to The House of Assembly Speaker Mr Michael Polley.

Since my arrival in Tasmania I have done battle with the National Trust over the restoration of my Van Diemen’s Land barn here in Chudleigh and vanquished the then President on the way to gaining a Heritage award for restoration.

I have taken on Scott Gadd and the Heritage Council over matters regarding the Exemption of Forestry from all Heritage Legislation (John Hawkins, heritage landscapes, Scott Gadd, Graham Corney, Peter James and David Bedford). I have also raised before the Ethics Committee the resignation of both the Director of the Botanical Gardens and the Director of The Heritage Council as a result of political interference, all fully documented on Tasmanian Times (here). Gadd is no longer a Public Servant and has dropped threats of legal action against me.

I have taken Senator Erich Abetz to the High Court over his right to sit in the Senate. He renounced his German Citizenship in 2010 in time to be legally elected at the last election. The Judge made Abetz pay his costs. (TT here)

Since coming to Australia some 45 years ago with a Sandhurst and British Army Officer background I have created an international business dealing in antiques and now farm as a grazier on 1,200 acres at Chudleigh.

I have been a qualified Free-Fall Parachute Instructor,  held a Private Pilot’s Licence, driven a Four in Hand Team of horses from Melbourne to Sydney and from Sydney to Brisbane and written the Standard Reference books on Australian Silver, Thomas Cole and Zoomorphic Objects. I was for 6 years President of the Australian Antique Dealers Association.

I have learnt to distrust Tasmanian Politicians. My main reason for standing is to investigate why Paul Harriss, a Tasmanian MLC, has taken money and gifts from Ta Ann and why has the Legislative Council ignored this fact; it is not an exclusive Club (TT here).

I shall make a special effort to discover if any other Members of the Legislative Council have received gifts or cash from any Tasmanian logging company.

I will also question why the Legislative Council eschewed its role as a House of Review in not rejecting the Pulp Mill Assessment Act on the grounds that it failed fundamental principles of a democratic society - for there were no analyses of social and economic impacts on the Tamar Valley; no costs analyses, just a benefits analyses; thus disenfranchising significant numbers of Tasmanians.

These matters are best sorted out from within the Chamber. I shall be truly Independent of any political party and trust that I will act without fear or favour.

I will vote on the legislation brought before the Chamber as a House of Review only on the benefits that it will bring to all Tasmanians, not a privileged few.

I will challenge the right of any MLC to behave in a manner unbecoming to the position granted to them by the Electorate.

I shall stand for only one term.

John Hawkins
Thursday, 12 April 2012

Responsibility for election comment is taken by S. Webb, 59a West Parade, Deloraine