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Weather predictions in Tasmania - albeit short or long - have never been convincingly reliable. In fact most meteorologists would be reluctant to commit to a definite forecast in Tasmania beyond several days, so why is there a claim that our island is about to enter a mini ice age soon?

Dave Taylor, a Queensland-based veteran weather expert, claims Australia is set for a series of prolonged freezing winters that begin in 2018 and continue through to 2025.

Taylor, 47, has been studying the weather since he was 10 years old. He now runs two weather pages on social media, and has accurately predicted extreme weather conditions over the past decade, including floods in Far North Queensland.

The weather expert bases his predictions on sunspots and cyclic patterns.

Sunspot activity is down and according to Taylor ‘Sun spots activity are linked to our El Nino and La Nina Seasons,’ ‘For example the lower number of sun spots then more than likely we fall into a La Nino, the more active than when we look at El Nino,’ and we have seen the impact on this winter in the northern hemisphere. It snowed in places it never has in the USA, and snowed in places it hasn’t for in a long time’.

What is a Sunspot

Sunspots are dark regions on the Sun. They are regions of intense magnetic field that are intimately associated with solar flares and coronal mass ejections. Sunspots appear dark on the sun’s surface because they are cooler (3700 K) than the rest of the solar surface (6000 K).

Taylor says “he thinks the minimum temperatures in each major Australian city will be 3C colder than they have in recent years, and we will have a lot more big Antarctic blows which will be a lot more powerful than in recent years”.

Senior forecaster Richard Carlyon from Victoria’s Bureau of Meteorology has already released a 3 month prognosis of only average to above average rainfall.

Meanwhile, The Bureau of Meteorology in Tasmania will release its ‘outlook for winter in late May’.

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Ted Mead is a sceptic about Tasmania entering into a mini ice age though does acknowledge that the world’s weather patterns and extremes are going increasingly berserk.  Ted thinks that a prolonged cold spell may not actually be that bad if it eventuates, as it will most likely send our troglodyte politicians deep into the warmth of their caves, forestry will grind to a halt, and insensitive wilderness developers will abandon their pursuits of exploitation.