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*Pic: President Joko Widodo and son Gibran, whom the president allegedly forced to lie to cover up his own follies ...

Yesterday morning’‘s explosive revelations about the bribes allegedly being requested by the Indonesian judges hearing the trials of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran is part of a wider web of corruption, writes Independent Australia contributing editor-at-large Tess Tawrence.

HOLD YOUR FIRE President Widodo, why are you murdering Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran?

Your arrogant boast that you didn’‘t even bother reading any of the legal briefs of those on death row who respectfully requested your clemency in good and legal faith is testimony to your contempt for the integrity, reputation and onerous responsibilities of presidential office.

It compounds the body of evidence that you are under increasing threat from the vicegrip of jihadists, who basically want Hindu-dominated Bali closed down, declared haram and Indonesia entire to revert to a paranoid Islamic state.

Not even two terrorist bombings, including one Australia could have averted, or the resultant woundings and the loss of hundreds of lives have failed to deter millions of Australians and others flocking to Bali.

It is no secret that you have either lost control or relinquished control of the thousands of Indonesians who have fled to join Da’‘ash (the Arabic word/acronym for Islamic State) in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, to say nothing of the alliances and training camps that have already formed inside Indonesia, as well as the Philippines, Australia and the unattended islands in the Pacific.

You have reneged on your election promises to disinfect the rancid corruption and mandatory bribery system that still plagues the military, judiciary, police and the administrative and political systems, and which daily cause untold misery and needless pain for ordinary Indonesians who once had such great expectations of you.

And before you start your hoary rants about old colonial masters, et cetera, these opinions are also expressed by those of your own contituents who are brave enough to speak out and who have some measure of protection. Hopefully.

We are not free from any of this in Australia. Like so many of our politicians you promised so much but have delivered so little.

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• Dr John R Wilson, in Comments: The state sanctioned murders of the priest Chan and artist Sukumaran in Indonesia are barbaric and unforgivable. They mark a new low point in relations between our countries and will define the presidency of Joko Widodo ...