Image for Lambie refuses to be intimidated by a beheading threat


Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has vowed not to be intimated by a letter claiming to be from a supporter of Islamic State and the Sydney siege perpetrator, which sentences her to death (see above).

“My office received this death threat letter last Friday. It was accompanied by 3 glossy photographs, one of which showed a close up shot of a man’s head being cut off.

Obviously someone is trying to intimidate and scare me. I will not be intimidated or scared.

I will not allow anyone to hold the Parliament of Australia in contempt by interfering with the free and fair performance of an Australian Senator. Therefore I’ve spoken out publically and I have referred this matter to the AFP and Tasmanian Police. My office has been informed that a new threat assessment is now being carried out.” said Senator Lambie.

“I will continue to speak out about the threat that supporters of Islamic State and Sharia Law pose to the Australian democratic culture and people.

Despite the horrible images of butchery on the internet, deadly world-wide attacks, recent lethal Sydney siege and other attacks, troops deployed overseas - and an official terrorism alert which says daily we’re likely to experience another terrorist attack … some Australians haven’t accepted the fact that we’re at war with Islamic fundamentalists.

I will continue to advocate for a ban on Sharia Law, unnecessary face coverings in public and tighter regulation of Halal certification fees in Australia - and to have those Australian Citizens who assist Islamic State in anyway, charged with the high crimes of Sedition or Treason.

I will continue to ask the question:

What if the Islamic State supporter who carried out the Sydney siege had survived - after killing his victim and terrorising others … should an Australian jury have the option of applying the death sentence to a citizen who is found to be a killer, traitor and terrorist?” said Senator Lambie.