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ABC Radio is reporting the death at 98 of Gough Whitlam, who bestrode the political landscape of Australia like a giant, 1972-1975.

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ABC: Gough Whitlam dies aged 98; Family says ‘loving and generous’ father was ‘source of inspiration’

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• Pete Godfrey, in Comments: Thankyou so much Gough for what you did. I once wrote to Mr Whitlam, I wanted to tell him how much he inspired people and how much I appreciated what he tried to do for our country. I did not want to wait until he died to say what I felt about him. The most surprising thing to me was that he rang me and left a message (unfortunately I could not take the call) and thanked me for my thoughts and said he agreed with me that the way the Howard government was behaving made him also feel ashamed to be an Australian. The gesture of ringing me and leaving a message meant and still means a lot to me.

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