Image for Logging rampage given the OK as Tasmanian government gags debate again

Tasmania is set for a logging rampage in existing reserves and previously agreed future reserves as the Tasmanian government has gagged debate and pushed through legislation that turns back the clock to rainforest destruction.

Parliament has been informed that there is enough specialty species timber in the permanent timber production zones controlled by Forestry Tasmania to maintain supply for the foreseeable future, yet the government has persisted in making a further 1.5 million hectares available in a controversial and convoluted arrangement.

“Sadly this new logging rampage was sanctioned despite an outpouring of community concern when it became public that hundreds of existing reserves can now become subject to a logging assault alongside abandonment of the promised ‘peace deal’ reserves,” said Peg Putt, CEO of Markets For Change.

“The Premier received 1800 letters of concern since Friday, but has ignored the lot.

“A convoluted arrangement deliberately attempts to quarantine Forestry Tasmania from the ramifications of opening protected rainforests to logging, so that instead the Minister responsible for Parks and Wildlife is laughably put in charge of logging in the controversial 1.5 million hectares.

“This is a tricky attempt to circumvent Forest Stewardship Council requirements rather than ensure that no logging unacceptable to FSC occurs in Tasmania.

“In fact a requirement that special species logging conform to certification requirements of Forestry Tasmania, including FSC, has now been abandoned.”

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