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Lapoinya Update

Three weeks of peaceful protests on a daily basis has seen five arrests, thousands of dollars in fines and almost 50 notifications to “Move On”. 

The unrelenting resolve of this community to oppose the destructive clear-felling of approximately 50 hectares of native high conservation habitat forest will never stop.

The roads and landing sites are complete and felling will begin in earnest.

Yet there is still time to stop the clear-felling of this forest. 

Peaceful and respectful protest is this community’s response to continuing destructive inroads made by Forestry Tasmania into local native forests.

It is not sustainable.

People from all walks of life have offered their help to save Lapoinya.

Such has been the response that a campsite has been set up on adjoining property for those travelling from Hobart, Launceston and elsewhere.

Training for direct action volunteers takes place on a daily basis.

The focus is that we are a community, we care for each other and our environment and that we are all good people, protesters, law enforcement and forestry workers and contractors.

Mistakes have been made in Forestry, yet it is never too late to fix something that is wrong, just plain wrong!

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