Around 2.5 billion people around the world live without adequate access to sanitation and 884 million people have no access to safe water which continues to be one of the biggest issues needing to be addressed in the hope to eradicate world poverty.

As part of the Give Poverty the Flush campaign, Micah Challenge, in partnership with WaterAid and local community groups, will be touring a 2-metre tall replica toilet around Australia during 2012, including a toilet stop in Evandale on Sunday 9th December.

This giant toilet gained the attention of national media in 2011 when MP Rob Oakshott famously ‘sat on the throne’ outside Parliament House in Canberra as a part of the annual Voices for Justice campaign organised by Micah Challenge.

A coalition of Australian Christian aid agencies, churches, groups and individuals, Micah Challenge aims to deepen people’s engagement with the poor and to help reduce global poverty.

The humble toilet, which is quite possibly the biggest medical breakthrough in the past 150 years will be represented in a display at Evandale Markets between 8am and 1:30pm on Sunday 9 December to raise awareness about aid, and the importance of sanitation and hygiene for saving lives.

The national tour aims to draw attention to the single biggest killer of children in the world, with 1 child dying every 20 seconds from diarrhoea.

It is reported that more children in developing countries die from diarrhoea than from AIDS, Malaria and Measles combined.

The United Nations is calling upon wealthier countries to increase aid focus on the provision of basic sanitation and hygiene in the poorest communities on earth.

The Tasmanian leg of the tour is being organised by local Baptist Pastor Jeff McKinnon who says, “The world is 80% of the way towards halving extreme global poverty by 2015.

Sanitation and hygiene are amongst the most difficult targets within the Millennium Development Goals.

My hope is this display helps children and adults understand a little more about the issues that affect others within our world and are encouraged to make a difference”

For more information about this event and to arrange photo or interview opportunities please contact Jeff McKinnon on 6331 4900 or go to for more details about the National tour.