Despite gay marriage campaigns and false claims about selling Aurora, Vanessa Goodwin’s outright win shows that Ritchie’s scare campaign, although having a big impact, is still not enough to reverse the Liberal momentum.

There are lessons for Federal Labor and their Tony Abbott GST scare campaign.

The new Labor trailer was deployed on Pembroke streets on polling day.

Particularly alarming must be the collapse of Green votes from the 19% in 2010 to 13%.

Of even greater concern will be Scrutineers consistently reporting a staggering 25% of these rusted-on Green voters preferencing Liberal over Labor.

A third of the Green army has deserted, and a third aren’t obeying orders!

Nick McKim: Leg Co vote reflects a more progressive Tasmania “The strong swing away from Mr Wilkinson in Nelson sends a message to conservatives in the Upper House that the community is ready for progressive social reform on issues like marriage equality.” “Will Hodgman and the Liberals are now parked out on the far right like the Tea Party in the United States.”

Rodney Croome: Majority of Tas voters back gay marriage candidates

Australian Christian Lobby State Director Mark Brown: Voters reject push to redefine marriage, undermine protection of human life

Guy Barnett, Save Marriage Coalition: Tasmanians have spoken

Psephologist Dr Kevin Bonham has added some pertinent observations on his blog here ...