Fox positive scats confirmed from Burnie and Railton

Tasmanian Fox Eradication Program Evidence Update 13 March 2012

Results received on Friday 9 March 2012 from the University of Canberra’s Institute for Applied Ecology report that two (2) scats have tested positive for fox DNA.

Burnie (1)
Scat collected on 13 July 2011 during strategic monitoring activities. A total of 8 fox positive scats have now been confirmed from the Burnie area since 2002.
Railton (1)
Scat collected near Railton on 14 June 2011 during investigations in the area in response to a fox sighting report received from a member of the public.
Nine (9) other fox positive scats have been collected from within a 10km radius of the current scat:

5 x fox positive scats from Spreyton: collected 7 May 2008, 23 June 2008 & 26 Feb 2010
2 x fox positive scats from Aberdeen: collected 23 Aug 2007 & 19 March 2008
2 x fox positive scats from Barrington: collected 7 May 2008 & 17 June 2008
Both scats are from areas identified as core fox habitat.

The latest physical evidence brings to 61 the total of fox positive scats collected in Tasmania since 2002.

Continued public vigilance will be critical to the success of the eradication effort. All information is vital, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Monitoring and detection activities are greatly enhanced by public vigilance and will be the crucial factor following strategic baiting operations.

Please immediately report all fox sightings and any potential evidence of fox activity to the 24hr hotline.

1300 FOX OUT
1300 369 688

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