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The National Australia Bank fights dirty.

So does its lawyers.

As does its bank managers and its chain of judicial and other flunkies, thugs, standover men and women, outlaw bikies, security agents, bankruptcy trustees, other trustees, removalists, in-house lawyers, corporate communications, trolls, media supplicants, defamers, website erasers, public relations and mediation teams, real estate agents, auctioneers, security guards, document counterfeiters, police, process servers, sheriff staff, court staff and all the other bottom feeders that collude to cannibalise the NAB’s victims, viciously tearing apart our lives and the mental flesh from us, our self worth, our hard-earned reputations and financial standing; fraudulently and corruptly stealing and plundering our property, personal and business possessions, maliciously damaging and trashing even familial memento mori.

Allan Fels calls for ASIC to stand down over banks

All this unconscionable conduct is conducted with impunity and immunity from their collaborators in criminal activities, the supposed watchdogs and regulators, including the shonky Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) whose former chairman, the much respected Professor Allan Fels yesterday rightly called for the regulator to be stripped of its supervisory powers over the banks. Thank you Professor Fels.

When we, the people, get our overdue national anti corruption body, Fels should be considered for inaugural chief.

Fels told the ABC:

“I have been shocked. The royal commission has dug quite deep and found deep-seeded unethical and and possibly illegal behaviour and that has shocked the whole community.”

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